Contract Opportunity Type Due Date Status
Express Lane Program Advisor RFP Upcoming

The purpose of this upcoming Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit responses from qualified consultants to work in partnership with agency staff, augmenting staff resources and providing technical expertise for implementation and operation of MTC Express Lanes. See below for more background on MTC Express Lanes. Consultants interested in this contract will need to address any potential business conflicts of interests due to current or future work.

The preliminary scope of services includes:

  1. Technical and strategic advice, research and analysis to support ongoing express lane operations and opening of new corridors. This work addresses areas such as toll system operations, integration with back office and/or customer service systems, business rules, business operations, emerging technologies, contracting strategy, innovative project delivery and regional coordination.
  2. Technical and project management assistance for the toll system, for:
    • System modifications, such as implementation of 6C tolling technology and, potentially, tolling clean air vehicles or carpool violators.
    • Final design, installation, testing and operational acceptance of express lane corridors underway or of new corridors.
    • Toll system contract management such as KPI monitoring, document control, development and management of change orders, contract extension or new procurement.
  3. Program coordination & selected program controls. Program coordination includes facilitating the flow of information and lessons learned across projects. Program controls will be provided by a blended team of consultant and agency staff to supplement project-specific controls, and may include cost review, change and risk management, budget management, quality control and document control. Schedule controls and some listed controls may be provided by MTC staff.
  4. Support for customer education, materials development and media buys, particularly for opening of new express lanes. The consultant will also augment staff resources on an as needed basis in areas such as social media, speaking opportunities and events, execution of media events and education strategies.

BAIFA may also wish to access the following services under this contract, though they are not the focus of the contract:

  1. Assistance with project or contract management for delivery of civil projects, backhaul communications projects, or toll system upgrades.

The contract will be split into ‘required’ and ‘optional’ tasks. Optional tasks will be at MTC’s discretion, and could significantly increase the value of the contract beyond its base amount.

Estimated Advertisement Date of RFP: Late spring/summer 2017

Estimated Contract Award: October - November 2017

Duration: The contract will start toward the end of calendar year 2017 and will have a duration of 4 to 5 years.

Background: The Bay Area Infrastructure Financing Authority (BAIFA) is tasked with implementation and operation of the MTC Express Lane Program, which is comprised of 270 miles of the 550-mile Bay Area Express Lanes network. Projects under way include:

  • I-680 Contra Costa (also called CC-680 Southern Segment) to open late summer 2017
  • I-880 in Alameda County to open in 2019
  • I-680 extension in Northern Contra Costa County (Also called CC-680 Northern Segment, Southbound) to open in 2020
  • I-80 in Solano County, construction to start pending availability of funding

Work will start on other corridors as funding becomes available or pursuant to new authority.

BAIFA and its partner agencies contract separately for a number of services for MTC Express Lanes, such as those listed below, that will not be included in this scope of work:

  • Backhaul communications network operations (Aegis ITS)
  • Design and construction management services for:
    • CC-680 Southern Segment (AECOM and Zoon Engineering, respectively)
    • I-880 Express Lanes (HDR, Inc. and Zoon Engineering)
    • CC-680 Northern Segment (HDR, Inc. and WSP) and
    • I-80 in Solano County (AECOM; construction management is not yet under contract)
  • Express lane highway maintenance for maintenance of roadway infrastructure (TBD)
  • Express lane operations for toll system operations and traffic (Faneuil)
  • Toll system integrator for design, installation and maintenance of the toll system (Transcore, LP)

For more information and program documentation, see the Express Lanes page on MTC’s website.

This upcoming RFP will not be included in the BAIFA Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Pilot Program for Professional Services.  MTC does however, encourage SBE participation in the contract resultant of the RFP.

I-880 Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) North Segment Construction Management Services RFQ RFQ Upcoming

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is seeking a consultant to provide construction management services for the I-880 Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) North Segment Project (I-880 ICM Project). The types of activities include, but are not limited to, project management, schedule management, budget and invoice analysis management, inspection services, systems testing, document control, change management and reporting and construction engineering.

The construction manager for this project will serve as overall project manager, with key input from MTC. The construction manager will oversee and facilitate the timely and efficient completion of work by both the civil construction contractor and the system integrator, including close coordination with AC Transit and their BRT contractor.  Additionally, the construction manager will proactively lead all necessary coordination with the stakeholders, including, but not limited to: Caltrans, City of Oakland, City of San Leandro, AC Transit, PG&E, and Union-Pacific Railroad (UPRR). 

The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) documents for this project will be available for download on the MTC website at  Proposers are responsible for checking the website for any Addenda to this RFQ. Responses should be submitted in accordance with the instructions set forth in the RFQ. 

Official details will be included in the Request for Proposals when published in Spring Summer 2017.

A DBE subcontracting requirement will be included in the contract resulting from this RFP. Please register as a vendor and add your firm as a Planholder for this upcoming opportunity to receive future notifications and additional updates.

OVERVIEW: On-Call Transportation Engineering and Planning Services Bench Opportunities Overview RFP Upcoming

UPCOMING PROJECTS OVERVIEW: In an effort to provide Consultants that have been pre-qualified under the On Call Transportation Engineering and Planning Services Bench (approved June 3, 2016) with advance notice of potential opportunities, MTC is providing the following summary of anticipated opportunities for review.  Please click on the "Documents" tab above to download the current listing of opportunities.

UPDATE 1 (03.20.2017) - A first updated list of the On-Call Look Ahead opporutnities list has been uploaded and is available for download at  Notably, the Dumbarton Bridge Corridor Design Alternative Assessment project was added. 

UPDATE 2 (03.22.2017) - MINI-RFP: Transportation Management Center (TMC) Asset Inventory and Lifecycle Planning has been posted at:  This opportunity is available for firms prequalified under Service Category A: Freeway Active Traffic Management.

Official details, submission instructions, and administration for these procurements will be conducted through MTC's procurement service program at  Specifically, relates to this Overview.  Potential proposers are responsible for using the MTC Bonfire website to keep up to date on potential project changes and advertised mini-procurements.  Registered Document Takers will receive immediate notifications of project changes.  To become a Document Taker, please register as a vendor on Bonfire, go to the page specifically for this Overview at, and download the current list of opportunities under the "Files" Tab.   Now, as a Document Taker, you will immediately recieve notices and announcements of changes to the opportunity.

Each mini-procurement will be advertised as separate opportunities on the Bonfire website at when available. Please note that this Overview list is preliminary only and there is no guarantee that these individual mini procurements will proceed.  Again, please visit the MTC Bonfire website to keep up to date on official details regarding any mini-procurements.

Please also note that only Proposers that have been pre-qualified under the applicable service category(ies) of the On-Call Transportation Engineering and Planning bench are eligible to bid on the specific mini-procurement. Proposers are encouraged to contact the applicable project manager for details regarding a potential mini-procurements prior to official release.

Toll Bridge Maintenance and Rehabilitation Assessment RFP Upcoming

BATA is seeking consultant support to provide practical assistance to BATA and Caltrans to better plan, schedule, direct, and monitor work on the bridges, including update of the Toll Bridge Rehabilitation Program and assessment of toll bride maintenance on the Bay Area’s seven State-owned toll bridges. The scope of work is still under development.

Schedule: To be advertised by BATA in next 60 to 90 days

BATA is seeking cost effective proposals for this effort. The preliminary scope of services may include:

1. Asset Inventory

2. Asset Assessment

3. Review and Assessment of Bridge Maintenance Activities

4. Review and Assessment of Preventive Maintenance Activities

5. Review and Assessment of Inspection and Structural Monitoring Practices

6. Review and Assessment of Toll Bridge Rehabilitation Program, including life cycle analysis

Richmond-San Rafael (RSR) Bridge Access Improvement Project IFB – Construction Package B IFB Upcoming

The Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) will be soliciting bids for the construction of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Access Improvement Project (Construction Package B) in Contra Costa and Marin Counties, including the communities of San Rafael and Richmond.

The work shall include, but is not limited to all labor, materials, tools, and equipment for: installing a cable railing system on the north side of the upper deck of the RSR Bridge for the planned bicycle pedestrian path.  Installing closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, traffic monitoring stations, traffic operations systems, and safety plates over existing seismic finger joints are included in this contract. This contract will also construct a 10 foot wide bicycle pedestrian path on the northside of Francisco Boulevard from the RSR Bridge to Grange Way.  Existing overhead utilities will be underground as part of this contract.

The Richmond San Rafael Bridge Access Improvement Project (Construction Package A) which is currently under construction establishes a third eastbound lane on I-580 across the RSR Bridge during the weekday PM peak period commute.  The improvements on the bridge for both Package A and Package B are a pilot project with a planned duration of the pilot of up to 4-years.

The work is to be completed within 250 working days, excluding the plant establishment period.

On-Call Project Management, Construction Management and/or Design Services RFQ Upcoming

The Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) will invite your firm to submit a Statement of Qualification (SOQ) to provide on-call project management, construction management and/or design services for various capital improvements and other projects sponsored by BATA, Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), Metropolitan Transportation Commission Service Authority for Freeways and Expressways (MTC SAFE), Bay Area Headquarters Authority (BAHA), and the Bay Area Infrastructure Financing Authority (BAIFA).  The scope of work is still under development.

As currently envisioned, the project is divided into three parts and this RFQ is intended to:

Part 1 - Select a pool of firms to perform project management services; and

Part 2 - Select a pool of firms to perform on-call construction management services; and

Part 3 - Select a pool of firms to perform on-call design services.

Additionally, at its discretion, BATA may establish one or more qualified pools of firms for specific subcategories or areas of expertise related to both construction management and design services based on particular strengths of proposers.

This RFQ is estimated to be released within the next three to six months.


I-880 Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) RFP Upcoming

The I-880 ICM North Alameda Segment Project is a collaborative effort by MTC, in partnership with Caltrans District 4, the Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC), AC Transit, City of San Leandro, and City of Oakland to develop an enhanced arterial incident management strategy for the I-880 Corridor. The project will design and implement technology and systems to better manage traffic that naturally diverts from the freeway onto local city streets during major incidents on I-880. These improvements include upgrades to and interconnection of traffic signals to facilitate flushing traffic through impacted intersections and corridors, closed-circuit television cameras to view incidents and adjust signal operations, and installation of traffic detection stations and changeable electronic message signs. MTC intends to select a qualified contractor or contractors to conduct the construction and system integration work to install these elements on arterial streets along the I-880 Corridor in the Cities of Oakland and San Leandro.

Official details will be included in the Request for Proposals when published in late 2016 winter 2017.*

A DBE subcontracting requirement will be included in the contract resulting from this RFP. Please register as a vendor and add your firm as a Planholder for this upcoming opportunity to receive future notifications and additional updates.

(*) - Updated November 22, 2016.

Infrastructure Support for Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations Upcoming

The Bay Area Headquarters Authority (BAHA) will be seeking proposals from qualified contractors to install the backbone infrastructure necessary to support an electrical vehicle charging station system in the garage of BAHA's headquarters facility, located at 375 Beale Street, San Francisco, CA 94105.  That system will likely consist of:

  1. twenty one (21) Level 2 (240v) dual port stations;
  2. one (1) DC Fast (440v) dual port CHAdeMO and SAE Combo compliant fast charger;
  3. all associated equipment and software necessary to manage power demand, usage, and monitoring data; and
  4. regular operations and maintenance of the system.

Details on the procurement of the EV Charging Stations can be found at: 

Official details regarding this procurement will be included in the official procurement documents when published in Fall 2016.  Please register as a vendor and add your firm as a Planholder for this upcoming opportunity to receive instant notifications and additional updates.