Richmond-San Rafael (RSR) Bridge Access Improvement Project IFB – Construction Package B

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Name Richmond-San Rafael (RSR) Bridge Access Improvement Project IFB – Construction Package B

The Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) will be soliciting bids for the construction of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Access Improvement Project (Construction Package B) in Contra Costa and Marin Counties, including the communities of San Rafael and Richmond.

The work shall include, but is not limited to all labor, materials, tools, and equipment for: installing a cable railing system on the north side of the upper deck of the RSR Bridge for the planned bicycle pedestrian path.  Installing closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, traffic monitoring stations, traffic operations systems, and safety plates over existing seismic finger joints are included in this contract. This contract will also construct a 10 foot wide bicycle pedestrian path on the northside of Francisco Boulevard from the RSR Bridge to Grange Way.  Existing overhead utilities will be underground as part of this contract.

The Richmond San Rafael Bridge Access Improvement Project (Construction Package A) which is currently under construction establishes a third eastbound lane on I-580 across the RSR Bridge during the weekday PM peak period commute.  The improvements on the bridge for both Package A and Package B are a pilot project with a planned duration of the pilot of up to 4-years.

The work is to be completed within 250 working days, excluding the plant establishment period.

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