OVERVIEW: On-Call Transportation Engineering and Planning Services Bench Opportunities Overview

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Name OVERVIEW: On-Call Transportation Engineering and Planning Services Bench Opportunities Overview

UPCOMING PROJECTS OVERVIEW: In an effort to provide Consultants that have been pre-qualified under the On Call Transportation Engineering and Planning Services Bench (approved June 3, 2016) with advance notice of potential opportunities, MTC is providing the following summary of anticipated opportunities for review.  Please click on the "Documents" tab above to download the current listing of opportunities.

UPDATE 1 (03.20.2017) - A first updated list of the On-Call Look Ahead opporutnities list has been uploaded and is available for download at https://mtc.bonfirehub.com/opportunities/2747.  Notably, the Dumbarton Bridge Corridor Design Alternative Assessment project was added. 

UPDATE 2 (03.22.2017) - MINI-RFP: Transportation Management Center (TMC) Asset Inventory and Lifecycle Planning has been posted at: https://mtc.bonfirehub.com/opportunities/3038.  This opportunity is available for firms prequalified under Service Category A: Freeway Active Traffic Management.

Official details, submission instructions, and administration for these procurements will be conducted through MTC's procurement service program at https://mtc.bonfirehub.com.  Specifically, https://mtc.bonfirehub.com/opportunities/2747 relates to this Overview.  Potential proposers are responsible for using the MTC Bonfire website to keep up to date on potential project changes and advertised mini-procurements.  Registered Document Takers will receive immediate notifications of project changes.  To become a Document Taker, please register as a vendor on Bonfire, go to the page specifically for this Overview at https://mtc.bonfirehub.com/opportunities/2747, and download the current list of opportunities under the "Files" Tab.   Now, as a Document Taker, you will immediately recieve notices and announcements of changes to the opportunity.

Each mini-procurement will be advertised as separate opportunities on the Bonfire website at https://mtc.bonfirehub.com when available. Please note that this Overview list is preliminary only and there is no guarantee that these individual mini procurements will proceed.  Again, please visit the MTC Bonfire website to keep up to date on official details regarding any mini-procurements.

Please also note that only Proposers that have been pre-qualified under the applicable service category(ies) of the On-Call Transportation Engineering and Planning bench are eligible to bid on the specific mini-procurement. Proposers are encouraged to contact the applicable project manager for details regarding a potential mini-procurements prior to official release.

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Bay Area Metro Center
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