Express Lane Program Advisor

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Name Express Lane Program Advisor

The purpose of this upcoming Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit responses from qualified consultants to work in partnership with agency staff, augmenting staff resources and providing technical expertise for implementation and operation of MTC Express Lanes. See below for more background on MTC Express Lanes. Consultants interested in this contract will need to address any potential business conflicts of interests due to current or future work.

The preliminary scope of services includes:

  1. Technical and strategic advice, research and analysis to support ongoing express lane operations and opening of new corridors. This work addresses areas such as toll system operations, integration with back office and/or customer service systems, business rules, business operations, emerging technologies, contracting strategy, innovative project delivery and regional coordination.
  2. Technical and project management assistance for the toll system, for:
    • System modifications, such as implementation of 6C tolling technology and, potentially, tolling clean air vehicles or carpool violators.
    • Final design, installation, testing and operational acceptance of express lane corridors underway or of new corridors.
    • Toll system contract management such as KPI monitoring, document control, development and management of change orders, contract extension or new procurement.
  3. Program coordination & selected program controls. Program coordination includes facilitating the flow of information and lessons learned across projects. Program controls will be provided by a blended team of consultant and agency staff to supplement project-specific controls, and may include cost review, change and risk management, budget management, quality control and document control. Schedule controls and some listed controls may be provided by MTC staff.
  4. Support for customer education, materials development and media buys, particularly for opening of new express lanes. The consultant will also augment staff resources on an as needed basis in areas such as social media, speaking opportunities and events, execution of media events and education strategies.

BAIFA may also wish to access the following services under this contract, though they are not the focus of the contract:

  1. Assistance with project or contract management for delivery of civil projects, backhaul communications projects, or toll system upgrades.

The contract will be split into ‘required’ and ‘optional’ tasks. Optional tasks will be at MTC’s discretion, and could significantly increase the value of the contract beyond its base amount.

Estimated Advertisement Date of RFP: Late spring/summer 2017

Estimated Contract Award: October - November 2017

Duration: The contract will start toward the end of calendar year 2017 and will have a duration of 4 to 5 years.

Background: The Bay Area Infrastructure Financing Authority (BAIFA) is tasked with implementation and operation of the MTC Express Lane Program, which is comprised of 270 miles of the 550-mile Bay Area Express Lanes network. Projects under way include:

  • I-680 Contra Costa (also called CC-680 Southern Segment) to open late summer 2017
  • I-880 in Alameda County to open in 2019
  • I-680 extension in Northern Contra Costa County (Also called CC-680 Northern Segment, Southbound) to open in 2020
  • I-80 in Solano County, construction to start pending availability of funding

Work will start on other corridors as funding becomes available or pursuant to new authority.

BAIFA and its partner agencies contract separately for a number of services for MTC Express Lanes, such as those listed below, that will not be included in this scope of work:

  • Backhaul communications network operations (Aegis ITS)
  • Design and construction management services for:
    • CC-680 Southern Segment (AECOM and Zoon Engineering, respectively)
    • I-880 Express Lanes (HDR, Inc. and Zoon Engineering)
    • CC-680 Northern Segment (HDR, Inc. and WSP) and
    • I-80 in Solano County (AECOM; construction management is not yet under contract)
  • Express lane highway maintenance for maintenance of roadway infrastructure (TBD)
  • Express lane operations for toll system operations and traffic (Faneuil)
  • Toll system integrator for design, installation and maintenance of the toll system (Transcore, LP)

For more information and program documentation, see the Express Lanes page on MTC’s website.

This upcoming RFP will not be included in the BAIFA Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Pilot Program for Professional Services.  MTC does however, encourage SBE participation in the contract resultant of the RFP.

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Status Upcoming
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Michael Brinton
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