StreetSaverĀ® Training and Guidance Services

Name StreetSaverĀ® Training and Guidance Services

MTC invites your firm to respond to a Request for Qualifications to provide StreetSaver® Training and Guidance Services. The current software program is the StreetSaver® online edition. As part of its overall training and support program, MTC has provided various training sessions, including technology transfer seminars hosted by MTC two times a year during StreetSaver® User Week, which is held in March and November.  The target audience for the training workshops ranges from public works directors, city managers, and city council members (local decision-makers who determine and approve annual maintenance budgets) to city engineers and maintenance superintendents (staff who are responsible for developing multi-year maintenance programs) to day-to-day StreetSaver® operators (staff that collect data and maintain the StreetSaver® database).

Consultant assistance in developing and providing the training workshops and software development guidance is critical to the success of the pavement management program. For additional information, please refer to the MTC StreetSaver® Online Help and previous training workbooks, which are available for review in the MTC/ABAG Library.

A pre-submittal conference will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, December 14, 2015 at the Joseph B. Bort MetroCenter building, 101 8th Street, Oakland, in the Claremont Conference Room.


CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, December 25, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.

Type RFQ
Status Awarded
Due date 12/23/2015

Sui Tan, Project Manager
Metropolitan Transportation Commission
101 Eighth Street
Oakland, CA 94607-4700
(510) 817-5844

Awarded to Nichols Consulting Engineers, Chtd.
Awarded amount $49,904.00
Awarded date 2/12/2016

Civil Engineering Consulting
General Consultant
(510) 215-3620
Pavement Management and Design
Transportation Consultant
(775) 337-2655
Pavement Management/Tech Training
Transportation Consultant
Service Provider
(650) 922-0469