Compensation Study RFP

Name Compensation Study RFP

MTC is collecting data and information to design a long-range study of MTC’s organizational structure, positions and performance competencies to review and design a total compensation program that will allow MTC to attract and retain the type of talent needed to meet the goals and objectives of the Commission's directives. 

To this end, the Administrative Services Section, Human Resources Department, wishes to conduct a regional salary survey of its current staff base pay salary grades and steps, as well as its current base pay management ranges. This survey will be a comparison survey of similar agencies and positions in MTC’s region.

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Revised Due Date: 4:00 P.M. (PST), Wednesday Friday, May 13 15, 2015

Addendum #1 posted on 05/12/2015.

Type RFP
Status Awarded
Due date 5/15/2015

MTC Point of Contact
Michael Brinton, Contracts Specialist
Metropolitan Transportation Commission
Joseph P. Bort MetroCenter
101 Eighth Street
Oakland, CA 94607-4700
Tel: 510/ 817-5727

Awarded amount $9,990.00
Awarded date 6/24/2015

Program Management, Project Management, Computer Systems Design Development & Implementation, Smart Transportation Systems,
Transportation Consultant
General Consultant
(916) 326-4446
Executive Search, Domain Consulting, Marketing Campaigns, Qualitative Research
Transportation Consultant
General Consultant
Service Provider
(408) 748-1800
Business Management & Operations Consulting
Transportation Consultant
General Consultant
Service Provider
(707) 999-4896
Information Technology, Service Provider, Consultant
General Consultant
Service Provider
(916) 830-1400
Human Resources Consulting
(510) 658-5633