Transit Oriented Workforce Housing Assessment

Name Transit Oriented Workforce Housing Assessment

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) will actively engage cities and transit agencies to discuss opportunity sites and funding necessary to facilitate mixed-income housing opportunities near transit stations. Over the past 15 years, MTC has supported transit oriented development via the Transportation for Livable Communities and Priority Development Planning grant programs, MTC’s Resolution 3434 Transit Oriented Development policy, the Transit Oriented Affordable Housing fund, and the One Bay Area Grant program. In order to leverage current and planned transit investments in the region, MTC is sponsoring a study of under-utilized, publicly-owned lands near rail stations in Priority Development Areas (PDAs), with an emphasis on evaluating the potential for affordable housing within mixed-income and mixed-use developments. The study will create a single database of under-utilized lands in passenger rail (and BRT as feasible) corridors that will serve to provide a comprehensive listing of sites that may be utilized for infill development, particularly for housing. Please register as a vendor and add your firm as a Plan Holder for this upcoming opportunity to receive future notifications and additional updates.

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Doug Johnson, Project Manager
Metropolitan Transportation Commission
Joseph P. Bort Metro Center
101 Eighth Street
Oakland, CA 94607-4700
510/ 817-5846

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