Communications Assistance for Regional Planning Activities

Name Communications Assistance for Regional Planning Activities

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) invites your firm to submit a proposal in response to a Request for Proposal communications assistance for regional planning activities.

The project under this RFP calls for consultant assistance in developing effective communication and messaging that MTC Commissioners, staff and local government officials can use in communicating with their local constituents. The Consultant will craft clear key messages that convey the purpose and impact of transportation and land-use planning on the region’s economy and natural environment, as reflected in the goals of Plan Bay Area

DUE DATE: No later than 4:00 p.m. on TUESDAY, MAY 27, 2014

Addendum No. 1 posted May 21, 2014

Type RFP
Status Awarded
Due date 5/27/2014

Awarded to
Awarded amount $75,000.00
Awarded date 6/27/2014

Media and Communications
Service Provider
(626) 405-4848
Public Affairs
General Consultant
(510) 502-7019
Strategic Communications, Environmental Analysis, and Creative Services
Transportation Consultant
General Consultant
Service Provider
(510) 285-6700
Communications and Marketing
General Consultant
(415) 274-1821
Public Relations, Strategic Planning, Facilitation
(650) 455-1201
Planning and Public Involvement
Transportation Consultant
(707) 330-9154
Public Relations, Marketing, Outreach, Advertising
General Consultant
(415) 786-4157